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Bimson Haulage offer every method of delivery for getting your bricks, blocks, pavers, tiles, stone and any other construction material to site.

Rigid Brick Crane

Our rigid brick cranes have a rear steer axle and a short wheel base meaning we can deliver virtually anywhere, within reason!

Payload: 13 tonnes. Overall vehicle length: 10.0m


Drawbar Brick Crane

A very versatile vehicle that is also known as a wagon and drag brick crane. Excellent for sites with restricted access but still allows a full load to be delivered. If necessary this can be achieved with a trailer drop, tranship and essentially two rigid deliveries.

Payload: 26 tonnes. Overall vehicle length: 17.0m


Artic Brick Crane

The standard and most cost-effective method for a mechanical off load delivery of construction materials.

Payload: 26 tonnes. Overall vehicle length: 16.0m



Excellent for restricted access site deliveries and also maximising payload. Similar to the artic brick crane but the trailer length can be reduced by almost a quarter enabling it to deliver to the tightest of urban building sites with a full load.

Payload: 26.0 tonnes. Overall vehicle length: Extended: 16.0m & Closed: 12.75m


Artic Moffett Mounty

Trailer mounted forklift known commonly as a Moffett / Moffatt Mounty but also made by Manatou and Palfinger. This delivery method allows the forklift to deliver the load to places not accessible by trucks.

Payload: 25.0 tonnes. Overall vehicle length: 17.5m

Artic Flatbed / Curtainsider

The most cost effective way to receive a delivery of construction materials if the site is large enough to receive an articulated truck and the customer has a forklift available to unload.

Payload: 28.0 tonnes. Overall vehicle length: 17.0m


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